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Everyone has heard of cannabis by now!


But how does it work? And what is allowed?


Let our experts guide you through the different stages
accompany and advise your plant!



Grow Academy

Starts from August 1st, 2024!


  • Petition gegen die CanG§ Verschärfung.
    Petition gegen die CanG§ Verschärfung.
    Einfach von zuhause aus unterstützen
    Einfach von zuhause aus unterstützen
    Einfach von zuhause aus unterstützen
    Verhindere das Änderungsgesetz zum CanG§!
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    Leipzig, Friedrich-List-Platz, 04103 Leipzig, Deutschland
    Leipzig, Friedrich-List-Platz, 04103 Leipzig, Deutschland
    Schon bald können wir auch "Offiziell" starten!
  • When can I legally receive the first flowers?
    Everything is moving towards the end of the year. After successfully applying for a cultivation permit (which is possible from July 1st), social clubs can finally start growing. The end of November to December is a realistic time frame for this.
  • When will your drop-off point open?
    We plan to have a collection point set up 2 months before the flowers are distributed in order to offer our members and interested parties a personal contact point.
  • How do I know if home growing or the social club is right for me?
    We have already created an interactive information unit for this further down on the homepage... --> In principle, however, it can be said that growing your own will be significantly more time-, space- and cost-intensive than the options offered by the social club. However, if you want to experiment yourself or gain your own experience, then growing your own is exactly the right thing for you.
  • How do I know that the quality of our cannabis flowers will be good?
    We will work with an accredited laboratory that will test our flowers every month for a wide range of components and active ingredients. We will also collect key figures and measurements ourselves to ensure continuous quality control.
  • Do I have to pay the membership fee immediately when I register?
    Yes and no. There is currently no membership fee, as we are still in the development phase. As soon as cultivation begins in the summer, all members will be charged a basic fee of 15 euros per month. The staggered contributions (based on the quantity delivered) will only be charged once delivery begins.
  • Can I have a say in what should be grown?
    Yes and no. Since no cultivation council will have been elected at the start of cultivation, we will make a suitable selection of varieties for the first cultivation in consultation with our members and among our board members. We will also provide you with a selection option for this. During the course of the year, the cultivation council will be formed, which will consist of regular members and a board member. The members who want to get involved can then take part in the cultivation process.
  • Is there a minimum age?
    We go with the legal minimum age of 18. We made this conscious decision because we believe that a diverse community of different age groups, with different experiences and ideas, can only enrich our club.
  • Can we smoke in our social club?
    No. This is expressly regulated in the CanG§. It states: “The consumption of cannabis in the cultivation associations or within their sight is not permitted.”
  • How can I join the club?
    You can either register using the form on the members page or simply leave us your email address with a short invitation request.
  • Do you sell seeds?
    Yes. We plan to sell a nice selection of seeds. However, we will not be offering cuttings.

Which cannabis strain is right for me?

Since April 1st, 2024, EVERYTHING has suddenly changed for most of us. Not only is cannabis finally decriminalized, but we can now talk much more openly about our passion. Cannabis is no longer a taboo subject in mainstream society!

We want to support you in your new freedoms and at the same time raise your awareness and strengthen your general education. The first thought that has certainly occurred to each of us is the thought of growing our own crops.

Especially for newbies, you quickly ask yourself: is it even possible in your own four walls? Which plant/variety do I actually want? Unfortunately, this question is not so easy to answer. After all, everyone has different preferences and tastes, just like with everyday food.

The best advice we can give you is that the biggest plant with the hottest reputation and the most THC-rich flowers should not be your goal. Everyone is different. Not only does EVERYONE react differently to cannabis consumption, but each of our members also wants a different taste or effect. Whether you come to us for medical, social or recreational purposes, we want you to find what is best for you without compromising your health (beyond the amount of cannabis you already consume).

In the following tabs you will find a short mental aid from us on the subject of cannabis plants.

(As we are also aware that our regular offering will not exceed 3 varieties at the beginning and that it is not possible for everyone to grow cannabis in their own four walls, we have created an opportunity to offer customer-oriented solutions for cultivation by sponsoring plants and renting club-owned equipment or rooms.)

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