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About Us

Our very own path

The coalition agreement of the federal government in 2021 set the direction for us. It was no longer just a dream, an idea that only occupied us theoretically. It was the wake-up call and impetus for more. With the planned decriminalization of cannabis, it was clear to us from the start: "We want to be part of it!" "We" are a small group of private individuals who not only want to live out their own and newly found freedom, but want to share it with EVERYONE who wants to be part of it. Our love of dried cannabis flowers and celebrating our lifestyle, as well as spending time with friends and like-minded people, has always been a matter close to our hearts. Now we can also call it our hobby and our commitment.

Since the §CanG came into force on April 1, 2024, it was also clear to us that our initially only theoretical cultivation association "Sweet Dreams - Social Club" would soon also be a registered association. Decriminalization was the most sensible decision our politicians could make and a step in the right direction.

And from July 1st, 2024, we will also apply for a cultivation permit, which should finally entitle us to put our new-found freedoms into practice for our community.

Since its founding in 2024, the board of Sweet Dream's - Social Club eV has not only committed itself to the legal regulations ( Cannabis Act - CanG§ ) but also to our own standards. Customer satisfaction, the quality of our products, a well-established service and communication structure, and a functioning community are the important cornerstones that lay the foundation for our association. With this claim, we not only want to guarantee, but also develop and develop new ideas and improvements.

But our story doesn't end here; it should continue and be shaped by the board and our members. As a growers' association, that's exactly what we want to be - an association that builds and creates something together.


Norman Berger

Chairman Member
Health management economist

Oskar Noack

Stefan Dreßler

Tim Engelhard


Our demands

Togetherness & Education

We don't see our social club as just a kind of "sales point" where someone can pick up their buds. We are an open meeting place for people who have a passion for cannabis and want to share it. Anyone who wants to live out their passion for cannabis flowers (within the legal framework) and is looking for a communal place of friendship and openness is welcome within our four walls. A lively togetherness in the club is what we offer each of our members.

It doesn't matter whether you're a newcomer to the scene or already a proven cannabis connoisseur. Our social club is a diverse community in which the communal experience of exchanging experiences, making friends and acquaintances is part of everyday life. Everyone is welcome here, no matter what your background is or whether you've already belonged to another social club.

In addition, we hold annual member events through which the exchange of information, community spirit and shared experiences are not neglected and are strengthened.

All of this, but only if cannabis is used responsibly, all members/interested parties/the public are informed and the black market is counteracted. As a young association, we are well aware that drug abuse, lack of information and a large and contaminated black market are unfortunately STILL the current reality.


Our aim is to establish a new quality standard by 2024! Many of our members have already had involuntary experiences with contaminated or poor quality "goods" from the black market. This is now finally a thing of the PAST!

We guarantee a high standard of quality through our cultivation, which is controlled (at every stage), monitored around the clock, pacified and supplemented by spot checks. Of course, we are still relatively new to the emerging scene and are constantly working in our cultivation council, in consultation and exchange with our members and other clubs/associations, to ensure and improve quality!

Health and consumer protection

Even though we could have listed health and consumer protection under quality and education, we want to list it separately here because of its importance. Because of all our requirements, health, youth and consumer protection are of particular concern to us!

We all only have one health! It is very important to us to preserve it and to educate people about it in order to protect the health of our members. Cannabis is a psychoactive substance that in itself affects human health, or at least does not promote it! That is why we are committed to protecting the health of all our members/consumers. We want to and will ensure this with maximum transparency/education and with the sense of responsibility that dealing with cannabis requires.

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