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Become part of the community!


Look forward to becoming part of the Sweet Dreams community. Here you can enjoy all the freedom that our cultivation association wants to offer every member for a small basic fee and possibly additional staggered amounts. Regardless of whether you are interested in immersing yourself in our community, purchasing propagation material and dried flowers or advice on how to handle cannabis, you are very welcome here.

Basic amount

You can purchase our membership with a small membership fee. This forms the basis of our membership, so to speak. With this, you can now consider yourself a part of the Sweet Dreams community and fully participate in club life. With the basic fee, you get access to all the charitable freedoms that our club offers you. (Cannabis distribution is regulated on a sliding scale)


With the membership fee of 15€ (fee only starts when cultivation begins TBD)

per month you receive:

-Access to the community

- Advice on consumption, legal situation and self-construction

- Participation in our club evenings

-Access to flowers under the highest standards

-Participation in future projects

- no registration fee of 30€ until 30.06.2024!


Grading according to delivery quantity

3g, 5g, 10g, 15g, 25g, 35g, 50g

Based on the basic amount, your monthly membership fee also includes the tiered contributions. These are intended to cover your own needs. We have tiered contributions based on the quantity delivered in 3, 5, 10, 15, 25, 35 and 50g. In addition, there would be the cost of seeds and seedlings for your own cultivation. So you can decide for yourself whether you want to "take a look" at our herb garden first, or whether you are an industry expert and would rather enjoy our full variety. Apart from the legal regulations, there are no limits to your wishes.


  • Access to the community

  • Reservation and distribution of up to 50 grams of dried flowers monthly

  • Advice on consumption, legal situation and self-construction

  • Purchase and reservation of seedlings and/or seeds

  • Participation in our club evenings

Admission fee

- no admission fee until June 30, 2024!

Plant sponsorship/rental

For individual wishes! (only on request)

Our Social Club offers our members the exclusive opportunity to borrow club equipment / rent grow boxes or to sponsor an entire plant together. Take care of your plant using our equipment or... WE will take care of the cannabis plant you want on your behalf. Depending on the variety (upon request), you can not only accompany the plant from the seedling to the harvest phase, but you are also the future owner of its entire yield!

(Plant sponsorship is limited to monthly issue quantity) (Plant sponsorship is only possible with a 50g staggered contribution or several members with 35g staggered contributions.)

Mit der Registrierung fällt die einmalige Aufnahmegebühr in Höhe von 30 € an.

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